Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Biodiesel generators

Bio fuels are the natural fuels that can be to generate power. Biodiesel power resources can be used to generate bio diesel power that can be used in many industrial applications. Bio diesel generators are the machines that are used for the purpose of generating bio diesel power.

In remote areas or at places where there is no power back up, back up and small scale electricity generators are being commonly used for the generation of power. These generators use bio diesel as a fuel for the engines. The biodiesel power resources not only generate electricity but also use a heat exchanger and a heat recovery system to keep the internal spaces warm. These types of bio diesel generators are also called micro co-generators or mini co-generators that can be easily and efficiently installed in houses and small businesses.

Electricity can also be generated on a large scale by using bio diesel power resources but with a few problems. Biodiesel power resources are basically used as alternative power resources to power automobiles and can only meet this demand as of now. Another problem is that biodiesel power resources are expensive means of generating power and cannot be made abundantly available.

Biodiesel generators as green renewable energy equipments can greatly reduce air pollution as they are powered by a clean and green fuel. The use of biodiesel generators in houses and industries can reduce the production of hazardous and polluting by- products to preserve the environment.

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