Thursday, April 30, 2009

Solar Energy- Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun in the form of either heat or light. Solar energy has a number of uses from which a lot of people can benefit. Solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source that can be used freely.

The advantages of solar energy are like it is a renewable source of energy whose supply will last till there is sun, is a non polluting source of energy; solar cells that work on solar energy are long lasting and require low maintenance, it is very easy to install devices that use solar energy for their operation, it does not adversely affect the eco-system, solar energy is a cost effective energy source available today and solar energy is widely available.

Solar energy has the following disadvantages like the solar energy devices and systems are very expensive, adequate sunshine must be ensured for exploring the full potential of solar energy, once a solar energy system is installed, repair and replacement for such systems are both labor intensive and expensive, many solar energy devices use cadmium which is highly toxic for the environment and solar energy cannot be obtained at night or during darkened days.

Solar energy is a viable energy source. However, it needs to be researched upon and explored in a better manner to reap maximum advantages. Environmentally sound, efficient and cost effective devices that use solar energy need to be developed. The use of better technologies is becoming necessary to overcome the disadvantages of solar energy.

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